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GCASL offer specialist solutions for Air Compressor products and services. With services to your individual companies business needs, Industrial or Dentistry Air Compressors our slaes and breakdown team will leave you rest assured that Gloucester Compressed Air Specialists LTD are the obvious company for you.

Air Compressor Specialists

For more information about the services available from gloucester compressed air specialists please take a look at our bullet point list below. Our expert knowledge in the air compressor industry is well documented with previous clients and we have a variety of services covering a range of industries where air compressor can be implemented.

Air Compressor Suppliers

Suppliers Of

  • New and used compressors.
  • New and used receivers, dryers, filtration equipment.
  • Condensate management systems.
  • Electrical and Mechanical services.
  • Pneumatic control panels, valves and fittings.
Air Compressor Services


  • Equipment service and breakdown repair.
  • Dental compressor specialist.
  • Industrial compressor maintenance.
  • Energy audit / data logging.
  • Pipe work and plant installation.
  • Written Scheme of Examination (WSE).
  • Air receiver inspection and certification .
  • Equipment Hire.
Air Compressor Agents

Agents For

BCAS Fact Sheet

British Compressed Air Society

The British Compressed Air Society have existed since 1930 and we have provided a detailed pdf document outlining the British Governments compressed air organisations guidelines. For information on Manufacturers and distributors click on the image to the right and download the BCAS FACT SHEET which also contains information on end users of the compressed air services and products.

Air Compressor Installation, New and Used

GCASL can provide new and used air compressors for the industrial and dental industry and as specialists of all types of air compressor, Gloucester Compressed Air can provide various maintenance and repair services including services to Screw, Piston & Rotary Vane Compressors but also provide Compressors under Reconditioning. If you would like more information regarding our service work and overhauls please contact us for for information.

GCASL can provide for all of your companies compressed air requirements, ranging from maintaining air compressors to providing them. Our reputation for providing high quality technical expertise and a commitment to providing a first class level of after sales service,

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